Noah's Landing - Up to 5 years of age
Noah’s Landing is our approach to the fresh understanding of who Mighty God is.  Like Noah and his family, who were given a fresh beginning following the Great Flood, our children ages two through five come to us fresh and with a clean slate. It is our joy to be given this privilege to impact their spiritual lives at their earliest years through God’s word, song and crafts. It is a jam packed service from start to finish tailor made for this precious age group.
Adventure Club - Kindergarten - 6th grade ( 6-12 years of age)

The Adventure Club is our 1st through 6th graders. As our kids get older and begin experiencing more of the world around them it is so important to us that their sure foundation is strong and ever growing toward God’s kingdom and purpose for them. Your kids will experience the heart of God for them through worship and God’s word all in an environment dedicated to their age group.